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The Skin Gym was a concept I coined during the first lockdown of March 2020. It was a way of describing how the Zo Skin Health skin care worked in changing your skin and the principles behind it and how I could easily explain this to patients in clinic.

What is The Skin Gym & Zo Skin Health at Allestree Aesthetics

SkinThe idea behind it was to use the theory of body health and the components of physical fitness which we are all very familiar with and create an equivalent Skin Gym with the components of skin health - which would then hopefully explain in a way that we all would understand. The goal is for us all to be clear about what we are treating and how we are treating it.

It really has progressed a long way since then and is now evolving to become more like a members only Skin Gym with added benefits such as discounted in clinic skin treatments such as the injectable Profile, skin needling, derma plane bronze, silver and gold and the Zo Red Carpet chemical peel, as well as the Zo  3 step peel which all come with a 15% reduction in price for all Skin Gym members. So we pretty much have your skincare covered!

The entry point and underpinning skin philosophy for this group is always Zo Skin Health, where patients will have an online skin consultation - £25.00 (deductible off any products or procedures undertaken by Allestree Aesthetics) and will receive a clinical management plan, skin diagnosis, bespoke protocol and prices of suggested products, as well as joining the amazing WatsApp group chat or private Skin Gym Instagram page. These groups have been an incredible way for Skin Gym members to feel supported both individually on their own skin journey and as a community. It is also a great place for me to share information, motivation and receive feedback on how I can improve the Skin Gym.



15% OFF for Skin Gym Members

Results & Benefits

Healthy skin - smooth, firm / tight, even in colour, hydrated and strong.



Anticipated reactions are normal and a sign of skin repair; redness, peeling and dryness.


Facetime Consultation     £25.00

Prices of products - on application

What Our Clients Say

Purple Buds
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Skin Gym Testimonial

Superb consultation - so efficient and looking forward to my new products!

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