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The ZO Red Carpet Peel (or Stimulator Peel) is a quick and easy in clinic chemical peel that can be performed in your lunch hour and works wonders to improve skin clarity and texture and will give you healthy glowing skin with no downtime or redness.

What is a Red Carpet Peel?

Designed to make you look and feel like a Hollywood superstar every day, the Zo Red Carpet Peel is with powerful natural ingredients and is considered the ultimate luxury in skin care.

The treatment is popular with celebrities who need to look picture perfect under intense photography lights. The peel is developed by Dr Zein Obagi who has been named "the King of skin".

This peel contains 10% glycolic acid, 10% lactic acid and 10% salicylic acid to stimulate cellular turnover, improve overall skin tone, texture and clarity leaving you with skin that glows.


Claire Palin & Robyn Coles

Time Taken: 

30 minutes


Once per week for 4 weeks, then once every 4 weeks (or as required)

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Results & Benefits

  • Brighter & smoother skin

  • Flawless makeup application

  • Exfoliation of the skin through the stimulation of natural cellular turnover which in turn immediately boosts skin tone, texture and clarity.

  • All with absolutely no risks.

  • No redness or peeling whatsoever, just the skin of healthy and youthful glow you'd associate with the Red Carpet!


Red Carpet Peel             £50.00

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